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MRT station elevated plan at Blok M area
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Urban transport in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, remains a chronic and complex matter. The remarkably high growth rate of urban population generates travel attractive, which is aside from capability of traditional urban transportation development plans.

The growth rate of personal-owned transports comparing with road number growth is unequal and imbalance. Therefore, the public road transport services are going to be worsening from year to year.

Indotek is palying an important role in formulating urban policies and strategies, and providing problem-solving solutions for urban traffic matters in the condition of development budget shortages and always maintains environment-friendly performances, and applies reduction and deversification of fuel consumption.

Thus far, INDOTEK has participated in various plans supporting the realization of public mass transport system, integrated intermodal transport and traffic management applications.
Urban Redevelopment Plan for The Dukuh Atas Area and Inter-Modal Transport Station in Jakarta.


Business and Environment

Various plans for traffic and urban transport have been completely performed by INDOTEK are scattered in all major cities in Indonesia since year of 1995, some of them are financed through either multilateral or bilateral loans, such as, IBRD, ADB, GTZ and JBIC. Lastly, in addition to road transportation mode, Indotek also participates in railway transportation mode. Some of them are presented in the followings :

Busway Plan in Sarbagita (Denpasar-Badung-Gianyar-Tabanan) (2007), this Study is performed to support improvement program for public transportation servces at the Urban Aglgomeration areas in SARBAGITA (Denpasar-Badung-Gianyar-Tabanan). This study is started from development analysis on several alternative corridors for mass transport followed by facility and infrastructures requirements for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). In addition to that an economic and financial analysis is also to be performed as to become the basis for study result implementations.

Double-Double Track Station Plaza Design (2006), this Study is prepared for Plaza planning to locate at Manggarai Station, Jatinegara Station, East Bekasi Station and Cikarang Station. The station plaza planning is performed inclusively with Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept starting from demand analysis up to other urban facilities. This study results, besides it can become program supplement for Manggarai – Cikarang Double Tracking railway lane, but, also becomes an input for regional development planning at the surrounding area of station plaza location in favour of local government.

Urban Transport Tariff Policy Technical Plan (2006), this study work includes preparation of guide book on urban tariff policy technical plan based on research from legal aspect, study on literatures, references and research on tariff system policy supported by fiel survey results which refer to urban transport tariff identification that is applied in the following cities, Palembang, Bandung and Makasar. In performing this study, the urban transport tariff research is measured on the basis of basic cost calculation (cost recovery) through analysis approach on fixed and variable costs, direct and indirect cost analysis, cost of product, cost of service pricing, analysis on consumers’ affordability index, and periodically index analysis.